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About Us

Good Tech Industries, a leading hardware solution provider specializes in providing reliable ONE-STOP solutions to meet manufacturing and industrial consumable product needs of our customers. 

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Our own Mould Essential series of Chemical, comprising Mould Release, Mould Ejector Pin Lubricant, Mould Cleaner and Mould Anti Rust (branded under GoodTech) are well-received by the market and utilised by many prestige product brands across consumer electronics, food packaging and automotives.

Premium Services 

We take pride in offering Premium Service to our customers, with our team of dedicated, experienced account managers who understand the requirements of each unique customer and are skilled in sourcing the specific products needed. Even if a product is not readily available, our expertise and wide network (across Asia) allow us to modify or custom make products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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Strategic Automation Partnership towards Industrial 4.0

Good Tech is strategic partner of Premase Precision Manufacturing Technology Development Co., Ltd (Shenzhen).

Promoting intelligent manufacturing by providing customers automated technology solutions to help streamline production processes and achieve lean production with successful projects across Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico.

Our Commitment

At Good Tech, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions to help our customers optimize their operations and achieve their goals. 

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